In compliance with the provisions of the Statutory Act 1581 of 2012 and his decree
regulation 1377 of 2013, Taironaka TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY ECOLOGICO,
adopts this policy to the processing of personal data, which will be informed
all users of the data collected or in the future obtain in
of our business.
1. ID:
 NIGHT: 900230806-0
 RNT: 17281
 Address: kilometers 56.6 Backbone Caribbean
 E-mail:
 Phone: 3176668836 – 3173641122
2. OBJECT: This document has the purpose of regulating procedures
harvest, handling and processing of personal data carried out
protect the fundamental right of habeas data of its customers and suppliers in the
framework established by law. All the above in compliance with the provisions of the
literal (k) from the article 17 of the law 1581 of 2012, which regulates the duties attending
those responsible for the processing of personal data, within which is
the adopting an internal manual of policies and procedures to ensure
proper enforcement and especially, for answering inquiries and
 Authorization: prior consent, express and informed of the Contractor to carry out
The processing of personal data.
 Database: organized set of personal data that is subject to
 Personal Data: Any information related or may be associated with one or more
identified or identifiable natural persons.
 Public Data: Qualified as such in the law. Data that is not semiprivate, the private
sensible (Not. data concerning the civil status of persons, their profession or trade, its
a merchant or public servant and those that can be obtained without reservation
 semiprivate Data: Data that has intimate nature, reserved, nor public and whose
knowledge interests the owner and a certain sector or group of persons or to society
general (Not. financial and credit data).
 Private Data: Data that is only relevant p
sensitive data: enhanced protection.
 Data Processor: natural or juridical person, the public private, which itself
or in association with others, perform the processing of personal data on behalf of
 Responsible Treatment: natural or juridical person, the public private, which itself
same or in association with other, decide on the database and / or data processing.
 Titular: natural person whose personal data are processed.
 Treatment: Any operation or set of operations on personal data,
such as gathering, storage, use, movement or deletion.
4. SCOPE This manual applies to personal data
registered and recorded in different databases managed by Taironaka
ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY, this is, to our databases
clients and suppliers, we provide data for commercial purposes. The
Gathering information Taironaka eco-tourism and archeology.,
may include, in whole or in part depending on the needs of each product and / or service, between
other the following information:   Names and surnames type and identification number. 
Nationality and country of residence.  Date of birth and gender.  Copy document
 Marital status of identity and / or kinship in relation to minors or
disabled applicants for our services.  landline and mobile phones Contact
(Personal and / or work).  postal and electronic addresses (personal and / or work). 
Profession or occupation.  Origin and destination. 
This data can be stored and / or processed in servers in centers
own computer, which is authorized by our customers and suppliers to accept
this Privacy Policy.
5. INFORMATION children and adolescents AGE. TAIRONAKA
ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY., shall ensure the proper use of data
Personal children, and adolescents minors, ensuring that the
processing of data the best interests of them respected, and their rights
fundamental and possibly, taking into account their views, as holders of data
6. PURPOSE OF THE DATABASE The information collected by Taironaka
ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY, It is used to process, confirm, comply
and provide services and / or products purchased, and / or participation
third party products or services, as well as to promote and advertise
Our activities, products and services, transactions, make reports to
various administrative authorities of national or international control and surveillance,
police authorities or judicial authorities, Bank entities, companies
insurance, and / or entities of any additional services which the hotel
agreements previously been made to ensure better service, end
internal administrative and / or commercial such as: market research, reports
accounting, statistical analysis, billing, and offering benefits or recognition
our own loyalty programs. By accepting this Privacy Policy and
Processing of personal data, customers and suppliers in their capacity as holders
data collected, Taironaka authorize that eco-tourism and
ARCHEOLOGY., perform the processing thereof, partial or total, including
The recollection, storage, recording, use, circulation, prosecution, suppression,
for implementation of activities related to the services and products purchased,
such as, making reservations, modifications, Cancellations and changes thereof,
refunds, answering inquiries, complaints and claims, payment of compensation and
compensation, accounting records, correspondence, processing and verification
Credit cards, debit and other payment instruments, identification of fraud and
prevention of money laundering and other criminal activities and / or operation
loyalty programs and other purposes indicated in this document. The above,
without prejudice to other purposes that have been reported in this document and the
terms and conditions of each of the products and services themselves each
our business units.
We note that in these activities may be involved third party (tales
as providers reservation systems, travel agency, Bank entities,
insurers and health services). Additionally, our travelers, customers and
users, in his capacity as owners of the data collected, By accepting this policy
Privacy, They authorize us to:
 Provide personal data to supervisory authorities and police surveillance or
court, under a legal or regulatory requirement and / or use or disclose this
information and personal data in defense of their rights and / or assets as
such defense is related to the products and / or services contracted by its travelers,
customers and users.
 Using the information received from them, to send it to service companies
Additional have been hired to ensure better care for any of the
Query and update personal data, at any time, in order to maintain
updated this information.
 Using the information received from them, for forwarding to insurance companies
when required information needed to make the claims process for
recognition and payment of damages to any of the guests.
 Develop recruitment and selection processes of the company.
 Maintain contact to inform about events, services, promotions, programs,
contests, bells, loyalty programs, shipping logistics awards and
content related to its activities for its various audiences,
in order to maintain a close and reliable relationship with each.
Administrative purposes , commercial, promotional, informative, marketing and sales.
 Overtaking trade agreements, events or institutional directly or programs
partnership with third.
7. AUTHORIZATION. The recollection, storage, use, movement or deletion
It requires the free consent, previous, express and informed consent of the copyright holder.
Taironaka TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY ECOLOGICO, in his capacity as responsible
the processing of personal data, It has provided the necessary mechanisms for
obtain authorization holders in any case ensuring it possible to verify
the granting of such authorization. With this authorization, Customer agrees
policies and conditions set forth herein.
owner of the information recorded in each of the data collection mechanisms
of Taironaka ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY. A) Yes, It may consist in
physical document, mail or in any other format that will guarantee later
query. The authorization shall be issued by the holder prior to the processing of data
personal, in accordance with the provisions of the Law 1581 of 2012. With the procedure
of consentida authorization it ensures that has been made known to the owner of the
personal information, So the fact that your personal information will be collected and used for
specific and known purposes, as having the option to meet any Alternation
to them and the specific use of them has been given. This in order that the
holder to make informed decisions regarding their personal data and control the use of
your personal information.
involves the treatment from any area of ​​the company, both personal data
users, providers, employees and generally any third party with which
Taironaka ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY., sustain relationships
Business and labor must take into account, the rights given to the holder
the data, which are listed below: a) Know, to update, rectify and
consult your personal data at any time against Taironaka TOURISM
ECOLOGICAL AND ARCHEOLOGY. This right may be exercised, among others against data
partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading, or whose
Treatment is prohibited or not authorized. b) Order Test
the authorization granted to Taironaka eco-tourism and archeology., O
any other holder signing the Personal Data for this purpose, except when
expressly excepted as a requirement for data processing in accordance
with the law. c) Taironaka be informed by TOURISM ECOLOGICAL AND ARCHEOLOGY,
upon request of the owner of the data, regarding the use that has been given to them. d)
Submit to the Competent Authority complaints for violations of the provisions of the law and
other rules that modify, add to or complement, to assert their
Habeas Data right in front of the company. e) Revoke the authorization and / or request
deletion of data when the treatment principles are not respected, rights and
constitutional and legal guarantees. The revocation and / or deletion proceed when
Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has determined that in the Treatment
Responsible has engaged in conduct contrary to law 1581 of 2012 and the Constitution.
f) For free access to the personal data that have been processed,
for which the company is responsible for preserving and archiving safely and reliably
formats authorization for each of the holders of personal data properly
ARCHEOLOGY remove it from its databases, it must manifest directly,
expresses, unequivocally and in writing, to email: Not
express their interest to withdraw from databases, It will be enabled to Taironaka
ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY. to continue treating them,
in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 Decree 1377 of 2013.
requests, inquiries and complaints made by the holders of personal data under
Taironaka treatment ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY to exercise their
rights to know, to update, correct and delete data, or revoke the authorization shall
be addressed mail and indicated. Each and every one of the queries or complaints should be
put into an electronic text or a physical communication, that is to say, it excludes
possibility of making a request or complaint verbally or telephonically. Upon receipt
by Taironaka TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY ECOLOGICO query or complaint, will be
based on the date, date and time of receipt and will apply the terms of response
and procedures set forth by Law 1581 of 2012.
11. RIGHT OF ACCESS The power of disposal or decision that is the holder of the
information that concerns, necessarily entails the right to access and know whether
your personal information is being processed, and the scope, terms
and overview of such treatment. Likewise, the holder is entitled to apply for
rectification if inaccurate or incomplete and cancel them when they are not being
purposes and used in accordance with legal or contractual terms or as purposes
and terms contemplated in this Privacy Policy. TAIRONAKA TURISMO
ECOLOGICAL AND ARCHEOLOGY, will guarantee the right of access when, previous
accreditation of the identity of the holder or his representative or attorney requested by
the provisions of the Law 1581 of 2012. Customers and users can exercise their rights
know, to update, rectify and delete your personal data by sending your request to e
electronic: the, through a written document addressed to the street
8 No. 9 -36 Deficit Santa Marta, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Must include
in the application the following data: Name (s, surnames, Document type, Number of
document, Phone, Email, City- Country and Subject.
12. RESPONSE TO INQUIRIES. In any case, regardless of the mechanism
implemented for handling requests for consultation, these will be addressed in
a maximum period of fifteen (15) working days from the date of receipt.
When it is not possible to attend the inquiry within the term, It will be informed
interested before the expiration of the fifteen 15 days, stating the reasons for the
delay and indicating the date your inquiry will be addressed, which in no case may
exceed ten (10) working days following the expiry of the first deadline.
13. COMPLAINTS. In accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the law 1581 of
2012, the Contractor or its assignees to consider the information contained in a
database should be subject to correction, update, or delete, or when they warn
the alleged breach of any of the duties contained in the Act 1581 of 2012,
They may file a complaint with the controller, which will be processed
under the following rules: 1. The claim shall be made by writing to
Taironaka ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY., the identification of the holder,
the description of the facts giving rise to the claim, the direction, and accompanying
You want documents asserting. If the complaint is incomplete, It will be required to
Interested within five (5) after receipt of the complaint days for
remedy failures. after two (2) months from the date of the request, without
the present applicant information required, It is deemed to have waived the claim.
If the recipient of the claim is not competent to solve, it will transfer
the person concerned within a maximum period of two (2) business days and shall inform the
situation to interested. 2. Upon receipt of the completed claim, It will be included in the base
legend says “pending claim” and the reason for it, within no more than two
(2) business days. The legend should be maintained until the claim is decided. 3.
The maximum term to address the claim will be fifteen (15) working days
from the day following the date of receipt. When it is not possible to meet the demand
within said term, It will inform the person concerned the reasons for the delay and the date on
your claim will be addressed, which in no case exceed eight (8) business days
after the expiration of the first term.
14. SECURITY MEASURES. Developing the security principle established in the
Law 1581 of 2012, Taironaka TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY ECOLOGICO, It has adopted
technical measures, human and administrative provisions necessary to grant
safety records prevent adulteration, lost, query, use or access
authorized the fraudulent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the customer assumes the risks arising
to deliver this information in a medium like the Internet, which is subjected to various
variables - attacks by third parties, technological or technical failures, among other. TAIRONAKA
ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY, It will make its best effort to technology
ensure the security of personal information by customers and / or users,
using reasonable and current security methods to prevent access
authorized, to maintain data accuracy and ensure the correct use of
ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND ARCHEOLOGY, only collect data from their suppliers
necessary, relevant and not excessive for the purpose of selection, evaluation
and execution of the contract that may apply. When you are required to Taironaka TOURISM
ECOLOGICAL AND ARCHEOLOGY, by legal status data disclosure
provider, this shall be done with the provisions giving effect to the provisions of
the regulation created for this purpose.
ECOLOGICAL AND ARCHEOLOGY., It reserves the right to make at any time
updates or revisions to this Privacy Policy, for care
legislative developments, internal policies or new requirements for provision or
offering its services or products