HOTEL TAIRONAKA ECOLOGICAL TOURISM, providing accommodation services, picnics, and restaurant services, of the highest quality, It achieves customer satisfaction through transparency, versatility and efficiency in all of our activities through continuous improvement, guided by observations made by national and international customers; thus achieving excellence in our services.

All activities at HOTEL TAIRONAKA ECOLOGICAL TOURISM are designed to meet the requirements of our guests and visitors. Our work is aligned with international and national standards to ensure quality; safety and sustainability in the development of our lodging, and restaurant services and complementary activities.

We are committed to legal compliance and other requirements necessary to control hazards in food production; prevent pollution to the environment and prevent commercial sexual exploitation, child labor, and adolescents (ESCNNA).

We train and take decisions aimed at achieving these goals.  We are respectful of our rights and duties, in pursuit of the common good .

THE HOTEL Taironaka ECOLOGICAL TOURISM is a hotel committed to environmental and touristic sustainability in all our services, and touristic sustainability in all our services; we are interested in promoting the natural and cultural heritage of our region , in aligment with our standards and services.

We ensure the defense and enforcement of the rights and duties of our partners, providers, customers and guests in their commitment to environmental sustainability, , in agreement with legal requirements and supporting their development, safety and welfare.

We contribute to good environmental practices seeking to use resources efficiently, leading efforts to strengthen self-management and self-regulation of the environmental hotel sector.



To fulfill our "Sustainability Policy" We have set targets and goals, which will open the way to full compliance with each of the indicators, monitored and evaluated regularly to conduct our business purpose.