indigenous people

Ecological routes

among CaracolĂ­es, Macondos, robles, cacaos, cocos, tropical flowers and much more, You can find birds, iguanas, squirrels and hear howler monkeys.


With capacity for sixty people, Caribbean offer typical food, natural juices and our delicious sugar water with lemon.

Don Diego River

Venture to enjoy the refreshing river Don Diego either simple contemplation or decreases in short tubbing, or even to the sea.

Bird watching

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta covers over 500 bird species in Colombia. On our trails you will find toucans, sangretoros, turpiales, jays and many more.

Museo Tairona

Recognized worldwide for its pottery, Tairona left us a legacy of greatness. At Tairona Museum one can admire a sample of this great culture.

Rituals and marriages

Kogi Mamos interact with visitors, integrating them with their knowledge and rituals.